Animal Sounds List

Animal Sound List

Top Ten Animal Sounds List

Animals are great! They spread all over our world through the oceans, on the land and in the skies and provide us with a multitude of benefits. We all are interested in some way with animals and some of us want to know what certain animals sound like. The following are the top ten sounds of animals that you have asked for. If you like this leave me a comment and I will do a part 2.


What Does A Moose Sound Like

The moose is the largest and heaviest species in the deer family and they are herbivores (they only eat plants). Despite their large size and often daunting appearance, the moose isn’t typically aggressive, unless provoked or during mating season. They can be found in various regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand.


What Does A Camel Sound Like

A camel is quite distinctive looking, some having one hump on their back and others having two. But camels are born without the humps. Camels have three sets of eyelids and 2 sets of eyelashes to help them thrive in their sandy environment. They can withstand extreme changes in their body temperature and go for a long time without water that would kill most other mammals. Much like dogs, these animals can be quite domesticated. They are herbivores.


What Does A Skunk Sound Like

Skunks are quite known for their anal glands, which can spray a highly unpleasant odor whenever they feel threatened or provoked that can be smelt for up to 1.5 miles away. They use to be considered part of the weasel family, but now are removed from them by genetic testing to be treated as a separate family called the Mephitidae. They are omnivores (they eat both animal and plant sources) and they are immune to snake venom, which is one of the things they like to munch on. They are quite solitary animals, unless it’s their mating season and their lifespans are fairly short; most of them not even reaching the age of 10.


What Does A Squirrel Sound Like

There are many different species of squirrels and they can be found all over the world, except Antarctica and Australia. They are small creatures, and can be surprisingly fast and agile. They are clever at figuring out how to navigate the area, which is why we are always trying to move the bird feed in a way that stops them from getting to it. They are predominantly herbivores, but some are known to also eat small insects and vertebrates.


What Does A Bobcat Sound Like

Bobcats can be found in the majority of  Canada, the United States, and all the way to Oaxaca Mexico. They are carnivores (which means they eat meat) and can grow up to about 40 pounds. They have distinctive black bars on their forelegs and a black-tipped tail. It is quite an adaptable cat and most active during twilight hours.


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What Does A Zebra Sound Like

A zebra is distinctive looking because of their black and white stripes and scientists still are exactly sure why they have them. It could be used as camouflage, to control body heat or for a social purpose. They often travel or migrate to better water holes and grass areas and native to Africa. They eat primarily grasses, which means they are herbivores, but can also be found eating bark and fruits. Zebras are one of the most known animals to be held in captivity.


What Does A Cardinal Sound Like

Cardinals showcase some gorgeous, ruby red plumage, but also can be yellow. The males of the species can be highly protective and territorial. Unlike a lot of birds, Cardinals do not migrate when colder weather comes. Their songs are beautiful and they are known to sing up to 24 different songs. They convey their wants and needs and their emotions at the time based many factors like mating seasons, raising chicks, being hungry etc…


What Does A Peacock Sound Like

The peacock is a type of pheasant. They showcase brilliant, flashy, multi-colored plumage unlike any other bird. The males display these feathers and it takes years to grow them. The females do not have these long colorful feathers. Peacocks are omnivorous, eating a variety of plants, fruits, figs, small insects, seeds, and even small mammals. They are also very aggressive and while in captivity need to be separated from other birds.


What Does A Red-Tailed Hawk Sound Like

These hawks are the largest among hawks weighing up to 4 pounds and their screams are quite distinctive and loud. The female hawks are nearly 1/3 bigger than the males and can have a wingspan of 56 inches (over 4 feet). Their eyesight is 8 times more powerful than ours, and with this benefit along with their sharp and deadly talons helps them hunt for their favorite meal, rodent. They can live around 20 years.


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What Does A Bat Sound Like

Bats can be found in places all over the world. Despite their spooky appearance, most bats are actually quite harmless, unless they are threatened. These nocturnal mammals live and hunt during the night time. They are not blind as most of us have thought, but they do have poor eyesight. They use echolocation to sense their surroundings and to hunt.